Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my custom container delivered to me?

Of course! Tiger Equipment Inc. will happily assist you with the delivery of your shipping container. Container deliveries are performed using a Landoll-type (lowboy, tilt trailer) and tractor. Delivery trailers will generally range from 43’ to 53’ in length, plus the tractor. This setup can be used for (2) 20’ containers and (1) 40’ to (1) 53’ high cube container. For customers having (1) 20’ container delivered, a standard roll-back setup can be used. Customers are welcome to pick-up or handle their own delivery of purchased containers if they wish.

What are the delivery site requirements to have my container shipped to me?
  • Delivery details are to be confirmed before ordering a container.
  • On-site contact information is to be provided by the customer.
  • Off-road deliveries are to have hard packed, flat and dry surfaces.
  • Entrance and exit roads must be suitable for the delivery trailer and tractor.
  • Customer to assure the delivery site has proper unobstructed space available.
What should I be aware of if I have my container delivered?
  • Sharp turns, severe inclines and declines, uneven surfaces, wet surfaces, soft surfaces, objects that may interrupt or stop a delivery, tight spaces, wrong load position and absent on-site contacts.
  • Please note that all dry-runs, failed deliveries due to conditions confirmed by the customer, and detention time will be charged.
  • Detention time (or wait/delay time) should begin after 35 minutes from driver’s arrival, charged at $50.00 for every additional 30 minutes.
  • Dry-runs (no delivery could be attempted) will be charged at the full delivery amount and for each failed delivery that follows.
  • Flipping container doors position on-site is an additional $50.00 if the load position was correct from the customer’s request.
  • Load position options are either “Doors to Cab” or “Doors to Rear”. Please have this decision made prior to arranging delivery.
How mush space is needed for delivery?

You will need a minimum of 14′ of width, 20′ of overhead clearance and 75′-100′ of straight clearance depending on your container size.

Do I need to prep my site for the container?

In order for the doors to work properly, the container should be placed on a level, dry and firm spot – a concrete pad, asphalt or gravel area is preferred. We recommend railroad ties, concrete blocks or 4x4s under each corner if placing the container on a softer surface such as grass or dirt.

I want to build a tiny home - Where do I start?

We recommend coming to us with site plans in hand so that we can give you a fully customized quote.

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